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Music. Nature walks. The color green. Forests and jungles. Bodies of water. Mexico. Kindness. Strong women. Great stories. These are some of the things that inspire our style at Bosk. We offer beautiful exotic plants and records to adorn your home, the classics as well as some rare ones that you can’t always find in the other shops. 


We believe in the therapeutic and calming effects of plants and we work on creating an environment with the things that make us feel aligned and bring us joy. There's lots of anxiety in the world today and we began Bosk as a means to try and ease some of that discomfort by encouraging people to connect inward and focus on self care. To us, that means tending to the mind and body, as well as the home. From massage and skincare to our love for music, nature and design, we aim to bring these all together to help create your personal haven. Please check out our Wellness Services in our Jungle Room.

Our Pledge to the Community

We are woman-owned and have always been and will be a BIPOC/LGBTQ ally so it is important to us to support these communities. We aim to carry local vendors, women/BIPOC/LGBTQ brands and support small businesses however we can in our shop. We offer weekly BIPOC pop-ups (PoC-Ups) to help other up and coming businesses and marginalized vendors. 
We will be offering DIY workshops from local makers where you can learn how to make plant-inspired home decor, wellness products, and share tips on how to cultivate and design with plants in your own space. Stay tuned!
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